Swan 54

Under Sail

Bluewater sailing is a concept that encompasses a world of open spaces, far horizons and long distance cruising: in this sense, the Swan 54 is a pure bluewater cruiser. She is conceived to be the perfect boat for extensive living on board, to enjoy the best cruising locations all over the World. The moderate displacement hull and high performance lead keel give the Swan 54 a particularly stable and smooth motion in a seaway. She is fast and powerful in every condition, giving a full sense of safety at the same time. In addition, the high aspect ratio of the rudder provides impressive control, increasing the pleasure of helming. The contained freeboard and deep V hull, ensures smooth sailing in rough conditions and enhance stability at anchor or when manouvering in windy conditions. Sailing on the Swan 54 is a pure joy: cockpit ergonomics and deck gear organization are designed to offer always the most comfortable and well protected position, allowing the helmsman to control every trim in complete autonomy. If your favourite cruising area has shallow waters, the Swan 54 is also available with variable draught (1.40 to 3.70 metres), with an efficient daggerboard and twin rudders. Beautiful, fast, comfortable, laden with clever features and details to enjoy the sea and the environment, she is a yacht for life, to love and to be proud of