The ClubSwan 125 is the new Juan Kouyoumdijan high performance superyacht commissioned for a passionate team consisting of the Owner, his friends and a professional crew. Her cutting-edge foil system is only one indication of pioneering design principles of Nautor’s Swan and ClubSwan’s desire to be the ultimate leader in performance and quality in this lightweight, racing supermaxi yacht.

Every design aspect has been managed with intense scrutiny, starting with the innovative single curved foil solution selected for optimum sideways lift in some conditions as well as vertical lift in faster conditions, which considerably reduces the drag of the hull and the loss of dynamic righting moment.
The complexity of construction of this yacht required Nautor to team up with the best designers, builders and suppliers in the world to supplement the existing team of Juan Kouyoumdjan and Nautor’s in-house experts. The team includes two main experts: Killian Bushe, involved in the construction of the hull and structural composite components, and Bob Wylie, for the deck and sailing handring, including specific performance-driven systems.


The interiors will represent a new generation of Swan interiors where evolution is a result of analysis and research, evaluating the existence of each component without compromising the functionality and comfort. This yacht interior will be a masterpiece of composite technology combining traditional Swan materials such as real wood veneers.
The brief was to create an embracing environment below deck where you are protected from the harsh elements of water, wind and sun. Customers preferences play a large role in the selection of colours and general ambience. The colour palette was intentionally selected to be dark and masculine complemented with light coloured fabrics and leathers.
The general arrangement below went through many iterations before crystallizing into a clear layout where accommodation such as the Owner’s cabin and saloon are separated from the crew quarters and sail-handling areas. The arrangement is versatile as the full beam Owner’s cabin can be split into two guest cabins with en-suites by adding a centreline bulkhead. Racing-style crew with revealed structures and installations are located aft. Adjustable pipecots are placed outboard and the navigation station Is adjacent to the crew companionway. Another innovation is the positioning of the engine room, forward of the mast, isolating Owner and Guest cabins with a buffer zone from the noise and service paths.